Admissions Procedures


1. New Enrollment will occur the first Tuesday of each month.

2. Potential students should contact the school by phone, email or Headlines website to request an interview. Stop by the shop during service hours for more info. 

3. A copy of a High School Diploma or G.E.D. certificate, as well as a birth certificate is required.  A student may begin classes before obtaining their G.E.D.  However, any Title IV (i.e. Financial Aid, G.I. Bill and/or Vocational Rehabilitation)fundingand/or graduation may not take place until such requirement is met.

4. Once all requirements are met and the school accepts the student’s application; they must enter into an enrollment agreement with the school by signing the Enrollment Agreement form before starting their program.

5. The registration form must be returned to the school accompanied by a $600.00 registration fee in order to be officially enrolled.

6. The school may credit the student with any previous hours obtained in an accredited barber styling school and for hours registered at the Board Registration of Barbers.

7. US Veterans whose tuition is covered by the State will not be charged a late fee should an issue arisen interview. Stop by the shop during service hours for more info. 

Tuition and Payment Schedules 1500 Barber Styling Program

Tuition Cost ​​            $7,800.00
Tool Cost​                   $500.00 
Registration Fee​    $100.00
Total Cost                  $8,400.00

*Tools and Registration Fee ($600) must be paid up front.

Course Catalog and Enrollment Form

Headlines Barber College Catalog 2017-2018 (docx)


Admissions Application V2 Fillabe (pdf)